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First Annual Golf Tournament

⭐⭐ The Tournament will be on April 30th 2022, At the Coyote Ridge Golf Club, starting at 8 am ⭐⭐


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Our tournament will be held April 30th, 2022 at Coyote Ridge Golf Club.
Shotgun 8:00 am
Registration starts at 7:00 am

To view Coyote Ridge Golf Club click here.

4-person scramble 

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Evan’s Paws for Heroes T-shirt

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About Evan’s Paws for Heroes

We are a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing support dogs for first responders and veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Our goal is to provide the best quality dogs at no cost to our heroes: paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, emergency department personnel, and military personnel. 

Support dogs can help improve their quality of life and to support them in regaining their independence.

 Our service dogs are trained in specific tasks that allow their owner to feel more comfortable in public, reducing isolation, depression, and anxiety. In many cases, we can see a reduction in medications and improvement in sleep from many of our first responders.


Our Service

Having a service dog can be a key component on the road to recovery for some individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Our goal is to Match each one of our Heroes with the best dog to support their specific needs.

Who We Serve

Support our cause with your generous donation

We serve first responders. Who are first responders? They are among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and sometimes military personnel. Emergency department personnel are also required to respond to disasters and critical situations making them first responders. They are the ones that run towards dangerous situations to help while the rest of us run away. Why first responders? There is a significant amount of stress caused by the situations first responders face every day. Over time, exposure to constant life and death situations can take a toll on first responders’ mental and physical health, eventually leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD occurs as a reaction to one’s exposure to a traumatic event. Symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, extreme worry, guilt or hopelessness, anxiety, feeling jumpy or on-edge, a loss of interest in daily life, startling easily, sleep disorders, and problems with food, drugs and/or alcohol. 

About Evan

In honor of Evan’s life and as a way to keep his memory alive, we founded Evan’s Paws for Heroes, a nonprofit organization created to spread the love Evan had for everyone–especially firefighters.


During Evan’s short life, he touched so many hearts! He shared his love with everyone he met, always ready with a big smile and one of his unforgettable hugs.

He had a special place in his heart for those that were alone, always reaching out to kids at school who had no friends by inviting them to play at recess. But Evan didn’t stop there! He would even reach out to strangers just to say hi and give them a hug if he thought they needed one. From an early age, making others feel wanted and special was Evan’s amazing gift. 

When Evan became sick in April of 2018, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing his symptoms. It wasn’t until October that he finally got diagnosed with Leptomeningeal Melanoma, a very aggressive and deadly type of brain Cancer, which ultimately took his life on June 4, 2019. During his illness we had to call 911 so many times the firefighters became his and our family’s new best friends! They loved him so much (how could they not?) that they made him an honorary firefighter on May 31st. 2019 only 4 days before he died! The Frisco Fire Department was so incredible to Evan and to our whole family that we want to give something back to this amazing group of heroes. As Evan’s love was big enough to share with so many, we want to help not only fire fighters but all the dedicated people who work selflessly as first responders. 

Support our cause with your generous donation

Our Trainer and Our Dogs

Linda Konrad from Good Canine 

Linda Konrad is the Founder and Executive Director and Trainer of Good Canine and Good Canine Academy.   Good Canine offers the training program needed for Evan’s Paws for Hero’s to become one step above the rest when it comes to a complete training program for the dogs that will be trained and placed through this organization.   Good Canine is world renowned on the quality of dogs and training methods it puts into placing a Service Dog.   Linda Konrad has been training dogs in several areas for over 45 years and counting.   Her canine knowledge of what makes a dog tick is broken down so that anyone can be taught how a dog actually learns and succeeds in the human world and becomes a true partner to their person.  

Our Dogs

Good Canine does not train service dogs from other people’s dogs, nor do we pull from shelters or rescue dogs as a main source.   We totally promote rescuing dogs; however, our ability to recruit dogs from responsible breeders that maintain the highest health standards allows us to minimize the risk of wasting precious time training dogs with hereditary or health issues.  For these reasons we almost always acquire our dogs from the breeders we have known for years that understand the standards we are seeking.

Our Team

Iliana Cantavella

Iliana Cantavella

President and Founder

Michael Hoeffler

Michael Hoeffler


Sammy Fernandez

Sammy Fernandez


Gloria Villafranca

Gloria Villafranca

Director and Secretary of the Board

Linda Konrad

Linda Konrad

Director of Training

Get Involved

Want to volunteer? 

Puppy Foster Parent

A contract regarding the puppy will be signed.  Foster is to be completely aware that all things having to raise said puppy will be solely out of their pocket, ie, food, vetting, etc. up to the age of 18 months.   Foster and puppy will attend at least 2 classes per month mandatory for the training and raising exercises of said puppy.  Foster will also attend meetings when necessary and be involved with fundraising events and social events when requested to help promote EPH.

Event Help

Throughout the year Evan’s Paws for Heroes holds various fundraising events in the community.  We ask volunteers to help with marketing efforts, event coordination, phone calls, and logistical details on the day of the event.


  • Dogtober Fest DFW
  • 5K runs/walks
  • Parades

It takes approximately 18-24 months and $15-$25,000 to raise and train a certified service dog.  In order to help those first responders in need, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors.  There are various levels of sponsorship and different benefits associated with each.  (A TRUE BENEFIT OF SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE SHOULD BE A DISCUSSION WITH BOARD.)

Levels of Sponsorship.


Sponsor a Kennel area and have it named after you/your organization and become a lifetime member of EPH.


Sponsor a dog. As a dog sponsor no only you have the benefit of knowing that you personally are responsible of for providing a hero with his/her service dog you will also have the right to name the dog and be involved with the awarding ceremony EPH. 


Sponsor a tree in your or your organization’s name.


Sponsor a stepping stone in your name.


Sponsor a picture and plaque to add to Evan’s Wall of Heroes.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you have any doubt or question, or if you would like to help our cause by getting involved as a sponsor or as a volunteer, feel free to contact us below


Call Us: 214-723-8788


Frisco, Texas, USA



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